Born in Enugu, Nigeria, Emeka Udemba`s works offer a bond between mediums. These span from installation, painting, video, photography, and performance to drawing. Emeka Udemba is interested in the intersection of images and structures as a means of gaining deeper insight into how we communicate with each other, how we formulate identity, culture (or hide it)-as well as to how these elements affect our sense of collective consciousness. 


In his paintings for example, the gesture of adding layers of pieces of torn paper onto the existing surface of a paper or canvas, the practice he describes as “add-ons,” shows his interest in the appropriation of images, information, print materials and concern about the politics of social, economic and geographic classification and stereotypes.  Emeka Udemba's works often invokes spaces devoid of boundaries, offering perspectives that use images and form as a means connecting and questioning our relationship to others.  The result is fresh and unexpected outcomes.