Mobile Museum of Contemporary art, Lagos, Nigeria) MMMoCA.


An artist-based initiative founded by Emeka Udemba, MMMoCA is a contemporary art museum on wheels (a vintage Mercedes-Benz 911 engine truck converted into a mobile museum).  It questions the idea of 'The Museum' in its present Eurocentric construct within the African environment and experience. The MMMoCA museum project has a vision and passion for bridging communities and bringing people together through creative activities and discourse. As a creative laboratory for interdisciplinary art engagement,  MMMoCA provides artists and other practitioners in the creative field the platform to explore individually and collectively the notion of creative exchange and synthesis of ideas. These ideas and reflections in which both international and local  artists participate, are brought to public attention through regular activities  like exhibitions,  screenings, road trips, performances, talks and workshops.


The journey 2018

Starting on 10th April in Lagos..

Arrived in Dakar on 28th April  .. daily updates are published on the blog from Goethe Institut...

A project in cooperation with Goethe Institut .. learn more on the website from Goethe

The Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art "When are you coming bach to our streets?" -Obidike Okafor talks to Emeka Udema, artist and initiator of the Molue Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art in Lagos. ... read the full article


The journey 2016

Recently (April-May 2016), MMMoCA undertook a 3-week trip from Lagos, Nigeria, to the Dak'art  biennial in Senegal. 9 artists  from 3 African countries participated. (Aderemi Adegbite, Ayo Akinwande, Massira Toure, Angelo Dakouo, Clara Aden, Monsuru Alashe, Yamferlinos, Lukman Tadeyo, Emeka Udemba).

Bound by an open-ended, experimental strategy,  the road trip to the Dakar biennale, a distance of about 4000 km from Lagos (one way) provided participating artists, a platform to experiment, collaborate, interact and engage with the public en route Dakar.

This road trip which commenced April 24, 2016, made stopovers at the ‘Opera Village’ in Laongo, near Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso (a project founded by the German filmmaker and artist Christoph Schlingensief), at the Goethe Institut in Ghana and in some communities in Mali and Senegal. During theses stopovers, the artists conducted workshops, made presentations and discussed their practices in relation to the complex shifting spaces and experiences. Throughout the trip, MMMoCA was truly a site of creative convergence.


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